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April 26, 1999
By Steve Schwartzman
Environmental Defense Fund

Fragilecologies Guest ArticleDecember 22nd , 1998 marked the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Amazon rubber tapper, union leader and environmentalist Chico Mendes. In honor of Chico Mendes life and work, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has launched the Chico Mendes Sustainable Forest Campaign, in partnership with the National Council of Rubber Tappers of Brazil. The campaign promotes the creation of new "extractive reserves", Chico's concept of reserves managed by forest peoples.

Chico Mendes "If a messenger from the sky came down and guaranteed that my death would strengthen our struggle, it would be worth it. But experience teaches us the contrary. It's not with big funerals and motions of support that we're going to save the Amazon. I want to live."
— Chico Mendes
(From an interview December 9, 1988, published posthumously in O Jornal do Brasil.)
Image and Quote appear courtesy of The Chico Mendes Sustainable Rainforest Campaign

About Chico Mendes: Remembering Chico

(Words and photos by Stephan Schwartzman)

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