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The Perfect "Storm Scenario": The Hurricane Pam Exercise (2/1/06)

How Much Weather News Can America Stand? (10/17/05)

Hurricane Katrina Rekindles Thoughts About Fallacies of So-Called "Natural" Disasters (11/21/05)

Hurricane Katrina Exposes a Myth about Vulnerability to Climate and Weather (9/2/05)

Michael Glantz was interviewed here about the recent tsunami: The Hindu Business Line "US Scientist Questions Utility of Costly Early Warning Systems" (1/5/05)

Risky Buildings, Building Risk (04/07/04)

Societal Aspects of High-Impact Weather and Climate: A Focus on SuperStorms (03/31/04)

Ants, Lemmings, Ostriches, or Sheep? (12/19/03)

Déjà vu All Over Again … But It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way (12/1/03)

Illegal logging and floods in Indonesia: Are Orangutans the Only Witnesses? (11/05/03)

Burning Hot Issues Arise from Australia's Worst Drought (01/29/03)

The Prestige Disaster and the Weather Connection (12/18/02)

Dagestan: A Trip Report (01/04/00)

Environment and War: What's Kosovo Got To Do With It? (04/06/99)

Hurricane Mitch: Foreign Assistance and Building a New Honduras for the 21st Century (11/17/98)

Chinese Floods: A Natural or a Man-Made Disaster? (08/29/98)

Modern Noah's Ark: Animal-Rescue Teams (04/16/97)

Disaster Response as a Growth Industry (06/05/95)