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A while ago I came across the notion of an "idea bank" and wrote an editorial about it. The editorial can be found here. I have recently decided to take my own advice and have created an Idea Bank on this website.

The first idea I would like to "deposit," so to speak, in the Idea Bank is an overview for a possible educational program on "weather affairs." Weather Affairs could be a minor or a course concentration at the undergraduate or graduate level at a university, college, or at an education and training center. The objective is to expose students to the multidisciplinary aspects of weather, from "Weather Science" to "Weather Impacts" to the economic, political, and ethical aspects of weather. The presentation below was recently prepared as a PowerPoint presentation and has been converted to a "powerpoint-like" presentation to make it easier to access.

Your comments on the notion of Weather Affairs would be greatly appreciated. You can send your thoughts to

If you have ideas related to climate-society-environment interactions, please send them to me for possible posting on the Idea Bank. In the meantime, I will be posting other ideas for your review and comment. --Mickey Glantz

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same… But Then…There's Deep Climate Change (05/06/02)

Weather Affairs: A PowerPoint-like Presentation by Michael Glantz (12/31/01)